Open Ad hoc IASR Lecture Wed 18.9. Jane Wilkinson: Leading for Social Justice and Diversity Through a Practice Architecture Lens

Ad hoc IASR Lectures 2019-2020, Autumn


In this presentation, Jane Wilkinson employs a practice lens, the theory of practice architectures (Kemmis and Grootenboer, 2008) to disrupt traditional notions of leadership as the valorisation of individual leaders and their traits or competencies. 

Employing a case study of a previously monocultural Australian school, she examines the conditions that support the enactment of more socially just educational practices. In so doing, she illustrates why and
how studies of leadership need to reclaim the five ‘p’s’ of leadership – power, politics, praxis, pedagogy and practice.


Jane Wilkinson is Associate Dean for Graduate Research, Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia and Associate Professor in Educational Leadership. Jane’s main research and teaching interests are in the areas of educational leadership for social justice and practice theory (feminist, Bourdieuian and practical philosophy). 

Further Information on the lecturer at https://research.tuni.fi/iasr/yleinen/ad-hoc-lecture-leading-for-social-justice-and-diversity-through-a-practice-architecture-lens-by-jane-wilkinson-monash-university-australia/ 



Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR, tutkijakollegium) in ccoperation with New Social Research Programme (NSR

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