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European Light Field Imaging Workshop

Tampereen yliopisto
Sijainti Sozopol
Viva Mare Beach Hotel, Sozopol, Bulgaria
Ajankohta24.6.2024 21.00–26.6.2024 21.00
PääsymaksuMaksullinen tapahtuma
Picture of the city of Sozopol
The second European Light Field Imaging Workshop (ELFI 2024) will be held on June 25 – 27, 2024 in Viva Mare Beach Hotel, Sozopol, Bulgaria.

The workshop covers various topics related to multidimensional signal processing, visual computing, neuroscience, and AI, optics and physics. The workshop welcomes researchers from these fields to participate and share their insights and findings. 

The workshop organizers aim at creating a conducive environment for stimulating discussions among students and professionals from both academia and industry.

Check out for more information on the event web site here .


European Joint Doctoral Programme on Plenoptic Imaging (PLENOPTIMA) and the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies, Tampere University, Finland


General enquires: Prof. Atanas Gotchev, atanas.gotchev@tuni.fi / Technical program enquiries: Prof. Robert Bregovic, robert.bregovic@tuni.fi / Registration and visa enquiries: Annariina Koivu, annariina.koivu@tuni.fi, phone: +358505940630