Environmental care and social progress: Impact of beliefs, values and gender

Humans in planetary environment
The workshop is questioning how far the “universal” values and beliefs of the Global North are compatible with the ontological constraints of the earthly environment and with the wellbeing and rights of all human and nonhuman inhabitants of the earth. Does the technological salvation gospel deepen the metabolic alienation of humans from nonhuman nature? And what are the impacts of other (gendered) religious, ideological and spiritual beliefs and values, especially of the Global South, to interpretations about environmental care and social progress?

The first “pop-up seminar” on the topic was organized 27.1.2020 in Tampere University. The initiators wanted to continue discussion about the impact of religious, spiritual and ideological beliefs and values, and gender to interpretations about environmental care and social progress, especially in policies and practices of adult, vocational and higher education. The plans were postponed, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now they seem even more UpToDate. The workshop invites scholars and students to make short inputs to discussion about previous themes in relation to adult, vocational and higher education, and their local, national and supranational governance.  



EquJust-research group in collaboration with Tallinn University, SVV-programme, VET and Culture-research network, EME-project

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Anja Heikkinen