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About me

Knowledge and skills 

Extensive experience in teaching, research and development, consulting and implementation of numerous engineering projects. A strong mathematical background with special expertise in stochastic image and signal processing, automatic adaptive control, optimization, algorithm development, simulation and mathematical modeling. The current expertise is shifted to a novel prospective class of imaging systems concerning complex-valued wavefield sensing, manipulation and reconstruction, phase imaging, phase retrieval, phase coding with application in such areas as Digital Holography, Optical Metrology, Microscopy, Lensless optical systems, Biology and Medicine.

Published 8 books, number of papers published in last five years: 28 in referred journals and 23 in Proceedings of International Conferences. According to the report of Guide2Research team for 2020, Ranking of Top 1000 Scientists in the field of Computer Science and Electronics, V. Katkovnik is 16th in Finland ( Google shows 10219 citations since 2015, h-index 29, i10-index 74.

Developed and taught undergraduate and graduate level courses: Stochastic signal and image processing; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes; Probability Methods for Mechanics and Control Systems; Adaptive Control Systems; Mathematical Modelling and Optimization; Theory of Automatic Control; Computational imaging. 

Overall, supervised the graduate and postgraduate study of 26 Ph.D. and 45 master’s students.


Nature and responsibilities of the work 

Planning and leading scientific research in the group of optical computational imaging, personal research. Specifically, research in two prospective directions: (1) Lensless diffractive imaging with the aim to develop compact and cheap new type of photo/video devices; (2) Diffractive high-performance phase imaging with application in optics (metrology), microscopy and bioscience. 

In this field, joint research works with ORC, Nanophotonics group (Prof. Tapio Niemi); Institute of Photonics University of Eastern Finland (Dr. Petri Karvinen); Princeton Univ. , Computational Imaging Lab (Prof F.Heide); Institute of Technical Optics (ITO), Stuttgart, Germany (Prof. G. Pedrini).

A co-supervisor for two PhD student, responsible for guiding their works and providing an educational work for PhD students.

Planning and organizing research projects, in particular, by participation in preparing applications for AKA and EU projects.

Active participation in life and research of the Computational Research Imaging group.

Research unit

Short description of the unit and the working environment Computational Imaging Group ( consists of 2 Doctors of Science, 1 PhD, 4 Master and 2 PhD students and Prof. Karen Egiazarian (leader of the group). Research proj