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Technology, Sustainable Urban Development

Built environment as a platform for sustainable development

Cities are inspiring arenas for business, culture and everyday life. However, they face complex challenges related to the environment and wellbeing of individuals. Bachelor´s Programme in Sustainable Urban Development is a multidisciplinary programme developing skills needed to address these challenges.

Urbanization is one of the biggest trends in the globalized world. It is estimated that 2/3 of humans will be living in urban areas by the year 2050. This transformation needs to be met with sustainable solutions that take into account not only climate change but also social justice among many other criteria.

Bachelor’s Programme in Sustainable Urban Development offers you a way to develop multidisciplinary expertise related to urban development and sustainability. This multidisciplinary programme consists of three specialisation: Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology. The programme includes basic and intermediate studies in each of the fields. Knowledge of these fields will help you understand the complex phenomena related to sustainable urban development from several perspectives. In addition to the studies that are common for all students, the programme includes specializations studies, which develop the theoretical basis of the selected study field and for creating a professional profile.

In addition to multidisciplinarity, a unique aspect of this programme is the style of learning. Each year the students are engaged in real-life urban development projects. These projects are carried out in collaboration with companies and public organizations such as the City of Tampere. For example, we utilize a real-world laboratory, Hiedanranta, which is a future city district and a testbed for innovative projects related to smart and sustainable housing, energy, transportation and business.

Students of this multidisciplinary programme select their own specialisation (Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences or Technology) already when applying for the programme. Although most of the contents of the programme is common for all students, there are variations in the application criteria, study contents and the name of the degree granted after completing the programme. The following sections will describe the characteristics of the Technology study field.

Please see the description of the whole programme and the research field on the progamme website:
Sustainable Urban Development

Please see the description of the two other study fields on the following websites:

Administrative Sciences, Sustainable Urban Development 

Social Sciences, Sustainable Urban Development

All students accepted for this Bachelor’s Programme are automatically given the right to continue their studies for the Master’s degree, if they wish to do so.