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Five international students, two men and three women are working on an assignment.

Teaching, Learning and Media Education

Tampere University

Educating for a sustainable future

Shape the future of education! Are you interested in the future of education and how to develop education as a building block for a more equal and sustainable future? Teaching, Learning, and Media Education is a two-year Master's Programme that focuses on the knowledge and competencies needed to develop and implement high-quality educational environments, practices, and curricula in diverse educational contexts.

Gain a broad understanding of contemporary education and educational research

We offer courses on highly interesting current topics in education, such as media education, inclusive education, curriculum studies, digital literacies, game-based learning, sociology and politics of education. The meaning of research-based knowledge is emphasized throughout the studies.

Multidisciplinary approach and study opportunities for building unique expertise

The programme provides a unique combination of topics that are crucial and current for various actors working in the broad field of education. Strong research tradition makes it possible to consider timely issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Moreover, the multidisciplinary Tampere University community offers you a wide range of courses to choose your elective studies from.

Various career paths

After completing the programme, you will have an extensive understanding of the relationships between teaching and learning in today’s media-saturated society. You will also have the conceptual tools needed to evaluate and enhance the quality of education.  

Graduates of the programme will become experts for public, private and civil society sectors. They typically work e.g. as educators, educational experts, coordinators, researchers, or administrators.

Join the programme and shape the future of education!