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Tampere Universities

Humanity lies at the core of our community and everything we do illustrates people's ability to address the greatest challenges facing our society now and in the future. Our philosophy is encapsulated in our slogan Human Potential Unlimited.

In education we embrace both the academic and the professional, by bringing together the very people who build society and keep it running from day to day. With our unique combination of a traditional research-intensive university (Tampere University) and a professionally oriented university of applied sciences (TAMK), we can provide holistic solutions from basic studies to rigorous scientific research.

Tampere University was formed at the beginning of 2019 when two previously separate universities merged into one:

university merge graph

Our university community comprises both Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) who work in close collaboration. All our students, staff and alumni are members of the community.

university community graph

We have a century-old tradition of maintaining close ties with the City of Tampere, industry and business, public organizations and NGOs. Our alumni occupy leading positions all over the world. We are committed to building strong relationships with our alumni and the surrounding world to stay fresh and innovative. Meet and join our alumni community.

Tampere University and TAMK offer all degree students and exchange students the opportunity to choose certain courses across institutional boundaries. This provides students who join our community the opportunity to tailor their studies and stand above the competition in their future careers. Future stars in any field are not from the same mold – they need skills to adapt, adopt and innovate. This is what we inspire in our students, staff members and the broader society.

Finnish higher education is based on a dual model

Although we offer a wide variety of degrees and courses, the Finnish higher education model is based on a dual model, which means that students apply to either Tampere University or TAMK and graduate from the same. You may supplement your studies by completing courses in the other institution, and these courses will be automatically counted towards your degree. For more information about higher education in Finland, please visit the website of the Ministry of Education.

dual model graph 2019