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Studying at Tampere Universities

At Tampere university community our staff and students make up a community that maintains a goal-oriented approach to the development of education, pedagogy and learning environments. The cornerstones of our university community’s success are the professional and academic achievements and wellbeing of our employees and students.

Study culture

Studying in a Finnish university might differ quite a lot from what you are used to. Hierarchy in Finnish universities is usually very low and the relationships between students and teachers are relatively informal. Most teachers and other staff often invite you to call them by their first name. The Finnish system of academic education gives students a lot of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. This requires you to be good at scheduling.  We trust you to make effective academic progress and take responsibility for your learning. This does not mean that you are on your own, as the academic and administrative staff are there to support you. Our university community, our student organizations and the City of Tampere provide many extracurricular activities where you can easily find like-minded people and quickly get settled in Tampere. As a student, you will also be entitled to numerous services and benefits across the university community and the city that will help make your life easier and more fun.

At Tampere Universities, we are committed to active learning and encourage our students to ask questions, make comments, state their case and argue their point of view. We expect all our students to adhere to the principles of good scientific and artistic practice. Our global digital campus offers you a broad range of opportunities to join or pursue your studies within our university community regardless of geographical boundaries. We educate our students to become high-level professionals who have the tools to develop an understanding that goes beyond conventional boundaries and to pursue international success and continuous learning.

Our university community is renowned for providing student-centred and dynamic education that serves as a means for renewing society and working life. Our education is based on the latest research knowledge, strong lifelong partnerships and close collaboration with society and working life. We offer our students flexible and individual study paths that enable them to grasp broad multidisciplinary perspectives and develop in-depth expertise as well as mutual understanding. Our community educates future game-changers – individuals who understand people, identify technological opportunities and are accustomed to a culture of cooperation already upon graduation.

Take initiative, join our events and be active. Seize the opportunities that are always there for you.