International business and logistics.
Continuing Education

International Business and Logistics

International business and logistics.

Become an international export expert!

The training aims at providing the students with an understanding and competence in global business, strategic planning of international sales and marketing, systematic implementation of the internationalization process in new markets as well as in supply chain management.

The primary target group of the studies are immigrants with a higher education degree who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment. The training is also suitable for Finns with a higher education who have stayed abroad for a long time or have the abilities to work in foreign trade due to their long experience.

The training will take place on 1.10.2020–4.6.2021. It is funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and thus it is free of charge for the students.

In an interview by TE Services, Johanna Koivulampi-Howard tells how her team works to find fitting internships to each student of the programme. Read her interview in Finnish from the TE Services website!

"The topics covered during the programme were contemporary, focused on up-to-date features and emphasised on practicalities", describes Gazi Jahan, who studied in the group of 2019-20.
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