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Factory Automation and Robotics, Automation Engineering

Tampere University

Reach higher – choose automation!

Do you want to become an expert in factory automation and robotics? Join our inspiring learning environment with international staff!

Tampere University offers a unique learning environment for factory automation and robotics. After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in different fields of automation and robotics. You will also have the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in industry or continue your studies towards a doctorate. Please see our unique learning and research environments
RoboLabTampere - A fab lab for robotics education and R&D,
Fast Lab research group and
Innovative Hydraulics and Automation (IHA).

To be a successful student of Automation Engineering, you need to have a background in an applicable field of engineering with proficiency in mathematics and physics and strong programming skills.

The studies consist of two advanced study modules that complement each other. The studies in Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics prepare you to apply systems thinking to design, develop and integrate factory automation and information systems. The robotics module provides you with skills and knowledge related to robotics and the technology involved, such as the fundamentals of robotics, the control of robotics and sensing/perception systems. You can flavor your studies into different directions depending on your interest and career directions you want to take.  

After graduation, you will have excellent career opportunities in different fields of engineering. The jobs that our graduates have gone into include, for example, project manager, design engineer, application specialist, automation system designer and R&D engineer. With your Master of Science Degree in Technology, you will also have excellent opportunities to continue working in academia as a scientist or pursue a doctoral degree.