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Creating a Netflix Pitch for a TV Series

Tampere University of Applied Sciences



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coming in 2023


843€ (including VAT)



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Business and Media

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Media Studies

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Tree – Continuing Education

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By joining the Netflix Pitch Workshop you will learn best practices to make your pitch work. You will also learn how to create a pitch document for your own TV series concept!

This Netflix Pitch Workshop helps producer creatives and potential show runners to create a pitch document that will develop, and sell, a character driven TV series. The workshop was created by Netflix’s Director of Creative Investment and Development, Chris Mack. The goal of the masterclass is to take each participant’s concept/idea for a TV series and, applying the criteria Netflix advises should be used, have each participant create a pitch document for their TV series concept.

 This masterclass would be suitable for producer creatives.  It also is an extremely useful tool for a screenwriter - the pitch document is helpful in building up all essential aspects of storytelling in the development of a TV series or a feature film.

This masterclass would clearly be suitable for producer creatives but given that the pitch document also helps develop all essential aspects of TV series storytelling it is an extremely useful tool to help in the development of a TV series or a feature film for a screenwriter.