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Basic Course in Microsurgery

Tampere University

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Tampere University, together with Tampere University Hospital, organize a basic course in microsurgery 4 times per academic year. University Hospital Hand Surgery Clinic is responsible of the planning and teaching, University Laboratory Services takes care of the practical arrangements. Course length is 5 days / 40 h. We take a maximum of six participants per course.

During the course students practice microsurgical techniques and different anastomoses on blood vessels. Program includes microsurgical tissue handling, preparation of blood vessels, end-to-end and end-to-side -anastomoses and one-way up-technique. Both theory and practical training are included. Attending and passing the course is equivalent of 16 hours of theoretical training for specialty in hand surgery or plastic surgery in Finland.

You can get more information and register by email at microsurgery [at]

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