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Individual arrangements for TAMK entrance examinations

Individual arrangements are practical arrangements (i.e., providing additional time) to facilitate the entrance examination in case of special needs. Individual arrangements are in place to provide equity of treatment among applicants.

Applying for individual arrangements

If you have special needs that should be taken into consideration when arranging your online interview/entrance exam, please fill out the application form.

Send the e-form together with the necessary enclosures

  • Application for Master’s Programmes, spring 2024: by 24 January 2024, 3 pm (UTC+2)
  • Joint Application to Higher Education, spring 2024: by 24 January 2024, 3 pm (UTC+2)

Link to the individual arrangements application form, spring 2024 (opens 7.12.2023, 8 am (UCT+2))

Requests for individual arrangements can be based on, for example, injury, illness, or dyslexia. Describe your special needs and the grounds for individual arrangements in the application and enclose any relevant copies (e.g., medical certificate). Each applicant's situation will be considered individually based on presented evidence. The decision is only valid for the application round in question.

It the application is submitted after the deadline, TAMK has no obligation to make any individual arrangements. If the need for individual arrangements arises or is discovered after the end of the application period, submit the individual arrangement application to TAMK Admissions Office without delay.

International UAS Exam

If you will participate in International UAS Exam and you are applying for individual arrangements, please read the national instructions: Individual arrangements for the first and second phase of the entrance exam. Note that if you are applying for more than one different University of Applied Sciences, you must submit your request to the Admissions Services of the university of applied sciences using the International UAS Exam that is first on your application form.

If you receive an invitation to the second phase of the International UAS Exam, please submit the decision on individual arrangements granted to you to the Admissions Services of the university of applied sciences that sent the invitation (the date will be added later). 

Application enclosures – certificates and statements

Attach to your application copies of the documents your application is based on (for example medical certificate, disability card, dyslexia or learning disability evaluation document). Do NOT send original documents. Be prepared to present original documentation at the start of your studies if you are selected as a student. Your health information is considered and handled as confidential (Act on the Openness of Government Activities 24§).

The statement must include a description of the type of support or individual arrangement you need. Possible arrangements can be, for example, removing physical barriers, providing more space in exam rooms, use of special equipment, use of personal assistant or other arrangement. Please consider the context in which you will be participating in the examination when applying for individual arrangements.

If you are applying for individual arrangements based on dyslexia, enclose a statement from a special education teacher, psychologist, speech therapist or specialist medical doctor (for example pediatric neurologist or phoniatric specialist). Only dyslexia that significantly affects the examination is taken into consideration. TAMK only accepts dyslexia screening assessments that have been issued after the age of 16 or later for consideration. Corresponding decision made by The Matriculation Examination Board is sufficient if it includes the awarded support measures.

Validity of statements is evaluated individually for each case based on the permanence of the disability, illness or learning difficulty.

Decisions and notification of individual arrangements

You are notified of the decision by email as early as possible before the online interview/entrance exam. If the decision is negative, grounds for the decision will be provided with the notification.

Individual arrangements for entrance examinations are specific to each degree programme and valid only on a specific examination / interview date.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision, contact TAMK Admissions Office. Once the final student selections are published at the end of the application process, you can submit a written request for rectification of the student selection decision addressed to TAMK Board of Examiners within 14 days after the student selection results have been published.