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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Safety observations and failure notices

Safety observations

Safety observations can be used to prevent hazards and accidents and to promote well-being at the workplace. Only identified hazards can be managed so the observations have an important role in safety promotion. In addition to the safety problems, the observation can be a positive point or an improvement idea also. Safety observation can concern, in addition to accidents, exposures and near misses, for example, the safety of facilities and equipment, student safety, environment or safety instructions. No safety observation is too trivial to be reported.

A safety observation can be reported using the a observation form in Rego risk management tool (, Haka login). Safety observations are processed by safety specialists and other designated experts according to the type of observation (e.g. experts in facility management, laboratory safety and occupational safety). The aim is to process the safety observations within a week of the arrival of the notification.

Occupational accidents and serious incidents must be reported without delay to the supervisor, in addition to which a safety observation report is made to Rego. Information on occupational accidents and incidents is also passed on to the assigned occupational safety representatives. Observations related to buildings or outdoor areas requiring repairing are primarily reported as a defect. In addition to the defect report, safety-related incidents are also requested to be reported as a safety observation via Rego (e.g. by copying the information in the defect report to the safety observation form).

Anonymous link to Rego, that can also be shared with visitors (without Haka login):!2f!2bmdrIB5z5mIJc3R4iFE4ypdZKR0!2fWR0YfCkr4!2bSFpZ6w16NKFDhHgzAxVZilU4c7JxIznUIZf4Tul!2fJQdg!3d!3d&ReturnUrl=~/en/Reporting/Danger%3Ffs=true


Defect reports

When you notice a fault in ventilation, heating, water fittings or maintenance of yard areas, report the fault using a property-specific form. You can find the forms in the Self-service portal under Requests concerning facilities and outdoor areas. Choose TAMK or University and follow the instructions.

Buildings and outdoor areas defect report forms (TAU)

Buildings and outdoor areas defect report form (TAMK)

Defect reports at Pori unit

Tel. +358 (0) 44 790 0079 or email: palvelukeskus [at] (palvelukeskus[at]ucpori[dot]fi)

Tampere university

Urgent matters

Tampere campuses and Teacher training school

For urgent bug reports, call 010 3408 500. You can get service by calling Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm.

At other times, you can reach real estate management at the emergency number 010 395 0395.

Pori unit

District guard mobile phone: 040 5454205

Securitas Oy, monitoring station 020 4912600

Published: 1.2.2019
Updated: 1.5.2024