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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Osaava crisis communications system

Osaava crisis communications system can be used to effectively send real-time notifications of emergency events via email and text message to the members of our community. The system will be used to send mass alert messages in the event of an emergency and occasionally for test purposes. In case of a genuine emergency, adhere to the instructions provided and monitor the intranet for more details.

Messages can be sent, for example, to instruct staff and students not to come to the campuses because of a fire or water damage or to seek shelter indoors if ongoing events pose a threat or if a gas leak has been detected. The system can also be used to communicate with the university community in case of an extensive unplanned system outage. The intranet will remain as the primary channel for communicating about small-scale incidents.

With Osaava, alert messages can be sent to all the members of the Tampere Universities community or a specific target group: staff at Tampere University, staff at TAMK, students at Tampere University, or students at TAMK. Messages can also be targeted to staff members whose workspace is located on a specific campus or, to students who are studying in the University Consortium of Pori or the University Consortium of Seinäjoki. The system also supports internal communication within smaller teams – such as the Safety and Security groups at buildings.

Correct phone number?

The Osaava system will automatically retrieve the phone numbers of staff at Tampere University and TAMK from the HR system Mepco. Text message alerts will be sent to work phones. If you also want to receive the messages to your personal home, add your home phone number to your profile details in Mepco. Read more about editing your personal information in Mepco.

Students’ phone numbers will be retrieved from the student information systems.

Students at Tampere University: go to the student information system Sisu, click on the student information menu on the top and add your phone number to your profile details. Read more about editing your personal information in Sisu.

Students at TAMK: go to Pakki and check that your phone number is correctly displayed in section 1 on the contact information tab. Read more about editing your personal information in Pakki.

Inquiries: turvallisuus [at] (turvallisuus[at]tuni[dot]fi)


Published: 8.2.2021
Updated: 6.9.2022