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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Safer spaces policy

Tampere Universities have adopted a safety charter that demonstrates our commitment to provide all our staff, students and campus users with a healthy environment where they feel safe and are free from any form of harassment and discrimination.

This Safer Spaces Policy, which was drawn up as a collaborative effort, applies to all the members of the Tampere Universities community. The policy sets out the requirements for creating a safe, equal and pleasant environment where all the members of our community can study, work, carry out research and spend time in. As space is created by people, it is important that we all foster an open atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and accepted for who they are. The Safer Spaces Policy applies to all the premises, events and activities of Tampere Universities in physical, psychological social and digital contexts.


  • I let students and staff work in peace and respect their physical and emotional boundaries.  I do not touch others without their consent. I give others space and try to give everyone the chance to contribute to discussions. I respect other people’s privacy and discuss sensitive topics respectfully. I ask for space when I need it.
  • I recognise the diversity of our community and value individual differences. I avoid making assumptions about others because I do not know their thoughts and experiences, personal circumstances and self-identity. I am aware that a person’s gender, sexual orientation, political orientation or nationality cannot be inferred based on physical appearance.
  • I do not assume my boundaries are the same as other people’s. I respect the boundaries of others.
  • I am aware of my position within the community and act responsibly in positions of authority and privilege. I do not abuse my authority.  
  • I value the different competencies and skills of the members of our community.
  • I act respectfully in all my digital communications and interactions with others. I do not share offensive or discriminatory content on digital platforms or in physical premises.

Preventing discrimination, harassment and inappropriate behaviour

  • I treat all the members of the community equally regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, opinions, health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.
  • I appreciate others and do not belittle or embarrass them. I take care to avoid stereotypes on the basis of race, health or disability in my speech, actions and behaviours.
  • I do my part to ensure our community is free from discrimination and harassment. If necessary, I ask for help from the designated persons as described in the procedure for responding to inappropriate behaviour.

Involvement and participation

  • The members of the Tampere Universities community can give constructive feedback if they experience or witness inappropriate behaviour.
  • If I receive feedback on my behaviour, I keep an open mind and take the feedback into account. 
  • I make an effort to promote everyone’s opportunity for involvement and participation through different channels and give them a chance to make their voices heard in our community.

The Safer Spaces Policy of Tampere Universities was approved by the occupational safety committees of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences in June 2021.

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Published: 1.9.2021
Updated: 5.2.2024