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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Policy on double theses

Policy on the double theses of master’s degrees at Tampere Universityfrom 1 August 2022

In this policy, a double thesis means authoring a thesis and submitting it for assessment to two master’s degrees or two Finnish universities simultaneously.  

The faculties decide whether completing a double thesis is possible in their degree programmes. Faculties may also decide to apply this policy in cases when one thesis is submitted for assessment in two different master’s degrees at Tampere University. 

Please find below a summarized description of the principles governing master's theses in cases where the master's thesis is drafted for two disciplines as a so-called double master’s thesis:  

  • The double master’s thesis must be approved by both universities or faculties at the very first stages.
  • The thesis must meet the requirements and objectives of both disciplines and be clearly broader in scope than a traditional thesis for a regular degree.
  • The published thesis must state that it is a joint thesis in two disciplines and include the names of both disciplines.
  • The thesis is always public.

See more detailed instructions below:

Published: 9.12.2022
Updated: 9.12.2022