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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Maturity test and demonstration of language skills in degrees

The purpose and practices of the maturity test

In the maturity test, students demonstrate their familiarity with the field of their thesis as well as their scientific and professional maturity needed in expert positions in their field of study.

In the academic years 2021 - 2022, 2022 - 2023 and 2023 - 2024 and in August 2024 both Bachelor’s and Master’s students write an abstract of their thesis that serves as a maturity test. Enroll for the maturity test course in Sisu. The maturity test will be registered along with your thesis grade. Note: From 1 September 2024 onwards, all maturity tests that are required for a bachelor’s degree will be completed as electronic examinations. Maturity tests for master’s degrees will be completed electronically only if the linguistic content will be reviewed by a language examiner. Otherwise, the MSc thesis abstract will continue to serve as the maturity test for a master’s degree. Instructions related to the changing practice will be added to this page during the spring and summer of 2024.

Language of the maturity test

The language of the maturity test in a bachelor’s degree is determined by the language in which a student received their school education. A student who received their school education in Finnish is required to write the maturity test in Finnish, and a student who received their school education in Swedish is required to write the maturity test in Swedish. See more information on the Finnish pages.

The language of a maturity test for education received in a language other than Finnish or Swedish may be:

  • Finnish (if the skill level is sufficient, a student can demonstrate good command of Finnish through the maturity test cf. the language skill marked on certificate)
  • English
  • the main language of a student’s degree programme in languages

The language of the maturity test is determined as described above also for students completing a master’s degree if they have not demonstrated their proficiency in Finnish or Swedish as decreed whilst completing a bachelor’s degree.

If demonstration of knowledge of Finnish or Swedish is not required from students completing a master’s degree, they will take the maturity test in the same language as in which they write their thesis.

For more information contact your own faculty or specialist hanna.nurmi [at] (Hanna Nurmi).

Published: 6.6.2019
Updated: 31.5.2024