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Planning and completing studies

Tampere University

Student, what occupies your mind? Find right services and help concerning study planning. Also, see more information and services from Studying section.


I need help with planning and completing my studies

Academic guidance and counselling services are mainly provided by degree programme staff and faculty staff. 

The Education specialists in the faculties will help you with any questions about your degree, such as the preparation and approval of your personal study plan, credit transfer, internship and graduation.   

Teaching staff will help you with questions about your courses and studies, such as expected learning outcomes, course practices, student assessment and thesis process. Academic tutors will help you plan your studies and answer questions about academic progress and the development of expertise. Please contact your academic tutor if you are, for example, unsure about your study choices or the options available for developing your knowledge and skills.    

Guidance and counselling services in the faculties: contact information 

Check also the following pages:


I need help with my thesis

The expertise you need to write your thesis builds up slowly during your studies. Your faculty offers support for this (Teachers are responsible for supervision in thesis process). The thesis project starts with the selection of a topic, and in many degree programmes, with the participation to a thesis seminar. Your thesis has at least one supervisor, who is there to support you in the process. You can find more information on theses on the Student's Handbook. See also Study skills for Thesis writers in Moodle. 

If you have questions about writing your thesis, and you don't know who to contact, you can book an appointment with the joint guidance and counselling services. If you need advice in finding a thesis placement, please contact the career counsellors: careercounselling.tau [at] (also bookings).

To learn more about information retrieval and the library's resources for thesis writers, you can book your place in the information retrieaval workshops. These are organised by the library and you can register for them here. The library also has online resources for individual studying on the subject. For example:

The SAGE Handbook of Online Research Methods (Second Edition) 


I need more information on elective studies or language courses

Please visit the Elective studies info page on the Student's Guide for detailed information on adding to your degree with elective studies.

If you have questions about choosing the right elective studies, you can book an appointment with a guidance and counselling specialist. You can also contact your faculty to receive help in this matter.

Language Center offers teaching for all students of Tampere University as required in the degree programmes. Check the joint Language and Communication course for Non-Native Finnish Speakers (compulsory): LANG.SUV.001: Finnish 1 | Tampere universities ( In addition to the compulsory courses, we offer also optional courses in languages and communication (for example in Finnish). More information: Language Centre | Tampere universities (

Studying Finnish pages you can find information about all the Finnish language courses available at the university, how to figure out your level, and some other useful links and resources.

Do some study assignments seem difficult because of the language? Do you feel that studying or doing a thesis is slow because of the language? Are you wondering if your language skills are at a sufficient level for the demands of your studies and working life? Come and talk to the S2 instructor (maija.tervola [at] Read more from this page


I need support in career planning, internships or employment

If you have questions or worries about employment and working life, you can find support from the university's career counseling.

You can reach them at careercounselling.tau [at] (also bookings). If you have questions or struggle with career selection, you can also contact the public employment services (TE-toimisto). 

If needed, check also Career planning and guidance of doctoral student.

See also: Career planning self-study material -moodle,  Career Services Network of Finnish Universities (Aarresaari Network), Job-Teaser (jobs and internships) and Töissä.fi.

Read more about internships and working life! Remember also our Study & Stay programme!


I am interested in going abroad on exchange or for internship

The university supports students' international mobility and encourages them to explore the option to go on an exchange during their studies. There are many options available for this. Please check the Student's Handbook and its internationalisation during studies -articles!

If you need guidance and advice on the matter, please contact the International Mobility Services at mobility.tau [at]


I need individual study arrangements and personalised support in my studies

Tampere University promotes accessibility in learning by embedding diversity in the curriculum and offering flexible opportunities for students to complete their studies. For example, we offer all our students alternative options for undertaking and demonstrating learning. They are offered to promote the effective academic progress of all our students.

To obtain individual study arrangements, book an appointment with our student counselling services in our online calendar (on-campus appointment or online appointment) or ask for an appointment by email (studentcounselling.tau [at] The appointment will be conducted confidentially to discuss your studies, needs, plans for the future and possible individual study arrangements. 

Read more about obtaining individual study arrangements.

See also websites of Celia (national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland).


I have thought about changing majors

According to Tampere University Regulations on Degrees, a student studying for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree may apply to change his or her degree programme or specialisation. The change can be made as an internal transfer or it may require participation in the regular admission procedure via Studyinfo (Opintopolku in Finnish).

Please see the instructions on changing your degree programme, specialisation or campus. Further contact information depends on your situation and whether you are doing an internal transfer or participation in the regular admissions procedure.

If you wish to discuss your thoughts about changing your field of study, you can contact the university's joint guidance and counselling services (studentcounselling.tau [at] You can also book an appointment with one of our specialists online.

Published: 23.2.2022
Updated: 9.3.2023