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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Voucher for internship

Tampere University

Internships supported by the University (internship voucher)

The main goal of internships supported by the University is to foster the growth of students’ professional expertise, their career planning and future employment as well as to promote interaction between education and the world of work. The primary goal of supported internships is to offer the students the opportunity to work in their field and to ensure that the students receives the supervision that they need at the workplace.

Students are responsible for finding and organizing internship positions for themselves. One platform for searching internships is the University's JobTeaser-service. Take also a look at some hints that are gathered in the student's guide.

Please note that the internship voucher is not paid to the student. In internships supported by the university, the employer always pays the student a salary and bills the internship voucher from the university after the end of the internship period.

The internship voucher can not be used in unpaid internships. In order to get the internship voucher, the employer must pay a salary to the student for the entire internship.

How do I apply for internship voucher?

The internship voucher is applied for through your own degree programme. Please check the information on the practices of internships in different degree programmes. The page is in progress, so if you can't find information on your degree programme, please, contact your own faculty or degree programme for more information.

The internship supported by the university must be guided and suitable for the student's field of study and goals. If you apply for internship voucher, you should always approve the internship in advance in your own degree programme.

Please also note that the student must be present as a student at the Tampere University throughout the supported internship. Internship voucher cannot be applied for retroactively.

Practices for internship voucher will be developed in 2023

Practices for distributing internship voucher are being developed in a more flexible and equal direction for students. In 2023, a practice will be piloted where students can apply for and receive internship support if they need it for one internship period during their studies. The prerequisite is that the internship meets the general and degree programme-specific criteria for internship voucher. Based on the feedback and experiences collected during 2023, it will be assessed what kind of internship voucher practices and criteria will be decided upon in the future.


General criteria for internships supported by the university

Please note that your faculty or degree programme may still have policies supplementing the general criteria for internship support listed below. So also familiarize yourself with the internship practices specific to the degree programme.

  • The intership voucher is granted flexibly throughout the year, meaning you can apply for the voucher when you need it.
  • The internship voucher is aimed at Tampere University undergraduate students.
  • The internship voucher can only be granted for internships included in the Tampere University degree. You can get support once during your studies at the University of Tampere.
  • The Internship voucher can be used for an internship that meets the requirements set by the degree programme in terms of duration and scope. The criterion is that the internship lasts more than 2 months as a full-time job.
  • The internship voucher can be obtained for part-time employment. However, the total duration of the part-time internship must meet the requirements set by the degree program. For example, a 3-month internship can be done in 6 months if the internship is done in a part-time employment relationship (working time 50% of the total working time).
  • The salary during the internship period must correspond at least to the annually defined minimum salary that meets KELA's working conditions. In part-time internship, the amount of the required salary is proportional to the working time. The internship voucher cannot be used for unpaid internships.
  • The internship voucher can be granted to all employer sectors, including internships at the Tampere University
  • The internship support is only granted for internships in Finland and for internships abroad where the employer is Finnish (e.g. Finnish embassies abroad). There are specific forms of support for internships abroad (Erasmus grant).
  • Internship voucher cannot be obtained for internships carried out at your own work.

The amount of the internship voucher and required salary

  • In 2023, the amount of the internship voucher is €1.800 at the most. The voucher is always the same, it does not depend on the amount of salary the student is paid.
  • Receiving the internship voucher requires that the employer pays the student a salary in accordance with the collective agreement in the field. If there is no collective agreement in the field of the workplace, the salary should be at least as much as defined in Kela’s work requirement (€1331/month in 2023).

In the internships supported by the university, two kinds of agreements are made:

  • The student has a fixed-term employment relationship with the workplace. This means eg that the employer and student draft and sign an employment contract.
  • During the internship, the student has the same rights and responsibilities as other employees. For example, annual holiday accrues during the internship.
  • In addition, the student’s faculty and the employer make a separate internship agreement for the entire internship period. The agreement details the supervisor at the workplace, duration of the internship, the tasks, and matters related to billing the internship voucher.
Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 31.1.2023