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Tampere University Student's Handbook

FAQ - Internship

In this page you can find answers to some freaquently asked questions about internship. The questions have been divided in following categories:

Internship as a part of studies | Finding an internship placement | Regulations of internship | Internship voucher


Internship as a part of studies

Why is an internship important?

An internship gives you valuable experience working in your field. It’s a way to get to know Finnish working life and work practices. Through an internship you widen your networks and expand your knowledge of employers and possible job descriptions. And you get to know and develop your strengths and interests.

What does a (study related) internship mean in Finland?

In the internship, you learn to combine your studies with practice. The possibility to do an internship within your programme has certain requirements that vary depending on your field of study and are described in the curriculum. In addition to the work period, reflection on things learned or realized during the internship is usually expected, for example in the form of a written report. Often you will receive credits for an internship and a salary.

The internship period is approximately 3 months; however it depends on your curriculum. The way the internship is implemented and placed in your degree programme varies. An internship is not compulsory for everyone, so make sure to review the internship practices of your faculty. The recommended time for undertaking an internship also varies.

How do I know, if it is possible for me to do an internship as part of my studies?

In most programmes it is possible, but there are different practices in different programmes. It can also be under a different name, for example project work. Please, take a look at the page Practices on internships in different degree programmes


Finding an internship placement

How can I find an internship placement? Does the University have a list of internship placements or do I look for the internship myself?

In Finland, students independently look for and apply for an internship that interests them. On the university’s JobTeaser platform we publish the jobs and internships that are announced to the university. However it is also recommended to actively follow and directly contact the organizations that are interesting to you. Some students create their own internships after talking to an employer.

How can the University help me in finding an internship?

The university offers support through the Study & stay programme and the Jobteaser platform. You can find the general information about internships on this page . There is also a list of material and resources available as self-study material in our Career Planning  & job hunting Moodle.  Throughout the year, university will also organize career webinars and workshops to assist you.

When should I start looking for an internship if I would like to do my internship in the summer?

It is helpful to start to plan for the internship period well in advance. Some organizations start to look for summer interns already at the end of the previous year. However, some organizations are recruiting still in late spring. If there is an organization that interests you, the best way might be to ask them directly when they are recruiting. During your first year, there is a Study & Stay session in January in which we will also address the topic of looking for an internship. This session is part of your introductory studies.

Can I send an open application to find an internship?

Yes, you can! Many internship places in Finland are filled before they are publicly announced. A well-prepared open application can lead to a good match and gives you an opportunity to show your motivation and skills. If you want to send an open application, we recommend doing research and also calling the company beforehand.


Regulations of internship

Should I get paid for an internship? What is a normal salary for an internship in Finland?

In Finland internships are usually paid. The salary can vary depending on the industry.

Can I do an unpaid internship?

It is possible, but the university does not recommend unpaid internships.

Is there a restriction, how many working hours an internship can be per month?

Information about limitations of working and about internships and residence permit can be found in the Migri pages: Working and internships during studies | Maahanmuuttovirasto (


Internship voucher

What is an internship voucher exactly?

With internship vouchers, the university wants to encourage employers to offer high quality internship placements for the students. The internship voucher is an amount of money, that the employer can receive from the university afterwards and covers a small part of the salary. It is never paid directly to the student. To be able to get an internship voucher, the internship must fulfill certain requirements. Read more about the Voucher for internship

How can I apply for an internship voucher? 

At the moment, the process to apply for an internship voucher varies depending on the faculty of your Degree Programme. Please, take a look at the Practices on internships in different degree programmes 

Is the internship voucher paid directly to me? 

No, the internship voucher is paid to the employer. The employer pays salary for the intern and bills the internship voucher afterwards.

Can the internship voucher be used in unpaid internships?

No, the internship voucher requires, that the employer pays a salary. The amount of the salary is revised annually

Can the internship voucher be used in internships outside Finland? 

As a rule, the employer must be Finnish. In the case that a Finnish employer should offer an internship abroad, it may be possible.

Published: 25.4.2023
Updated: 28.3.2024