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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Practises on internship

An internship is an important part of university students’ studies. The internship

  • gives you experience working in the field and helps you to understand work practices
  • helps to understand the significance of competences in working life
  • expands your knowledge of employers and possible job descriptions as well as your strengths and interests
  • gives you a new perspective on studying and study planning.

The internship period is approximately 3 months; however it depends on your curriculum. The way the internship is implemented and placed in your degree programme varies. An internship is not compulsory for everyone, so make sure to review the internship practices of your faculty. The recommended time for undertaking an internship also varies.

In Finland internships are usually paid. The salary can vary depending on the industry. Students independently look for and apply for an internship that interests them. On the university’s JobTeaser platform we publish the jobs and internships that are announced to the university. However it is also recommended to actively follow and directly contact the organizations that are interesting to you.

Voucher for an internship

Depending on the internship practices of your faculty and degree programme, you may be eligible to apply for the university's internship voucher, that is paid to the employer. Students must apply for the voucher through their faculties or degree programmes. Remember to check your degree programme’s practices and schedules for voucher applications.

  • The internship voucher is not paid to the student; instead, the employer pays the student a salary and bills the University for the voucher after the end of the internship period.
  • The internship voucher cannot be used in unpaid internships. The employer pays a salary to the student for the entire internship.
  • The employer pays the student a salary in accordance with the collective agreement in the field.If there is no collective agreement in the field of the workplace, the salary should be at least as much as defined in Kela’s work requirement (1399 euros/month in 2024).

Read more about the common principles and requirements of the internship voucher.

International internships

An internship that is counted towards a student's degree at Tampere University may be completed abroad. Read more about international internships (outgoing interns).

Looking for an internship placement?

Take a look at some hints that are gathered in the student's guide!

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 28.3.2024