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Sustainability in student exchange

Tampere University

On this page, you can find useful tips when it comes to sustainability and exchange studies for both as incoming and outgoing students. Sustainable traveling does not mean a less enjoyable or more restrained experience; rather, traveling sustainably takes in consideration measures, behaviours, spaces, and opportunities that assure less impact on the environment while still offering a transforming and unique experience. 

Studying abroad can develop many valuable transferable skills that can’t easily be taught in the classroom. It gives a deeper understanding of how different perspectives and cultures shape policy and decision-making. It strengthens communication skills and helps to build empathy for people in other countries through the friends and connections you make. Engaging with climate issues while abroad adds an extra dimension to this skillset: the climate challenge is a complex problem whose solutions require skills in creative problem solving and lateral thinking as well as the ability to work in teams across different disciplines.

You may consider the following tips, which you can incorporate to your own judgment while you’re abroad and even beyond that. Incoming exchange students: please also check our pages for “Sustainability tips for exchange students”.

Published: 5.11.2021
Updated: 1.4.2022