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TAMK Student's Handbook

International Talents´ Mentoring Programme


Tampere University organizes annually a mentoring programme for international students and recent graduates. The mentoring programme aims to support the professional development of international talents, help them build professional networks and enable them to share their international experiences with the mentors.

The International Talents’ mentoring programme is aimed at international degree students and recent graduates from Tampere University who are looking to stay in Finland after their studies and continue their careers here.

After a one year break, the International Talents' Mentoring Programme has been revised and renewed and the applications for both mentees and mentors will be open in October 2023 for the programme on Spring 2024.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a process whereby experienced professionals impart their knowledge and skills to mentees at the beginning of their careers. The mentors are all professionals in their own fields of specialty and work in the Tampere region. Both mentors and mentee participate in the programme in a voluntary arrangement and receive no financial compensation. The mentors are paired up with mentees and they meet about five times during the Spring. In addition, the programme includes 2 group sessions & a social activity for all mentors and mentees.


As a mentee you will:

  • have the opportunity to learn from a professionally experienced person and a discussion partner to talk about careers and working life
  • have the chance to develop your job hunting skills with a personal mentor
  • create new networks and contacts
  • have the chance to develop your intercultural communication skills
  • build your professional confidence
  • reflect on your career goals and your know-how


As a mentor you will:

  • have the opportunity to develop your intercultural competences
  • have a chance to grow your network and to build international contacts
  • be able to develop your mentoring skills through practical experience
  • support international talents to enter the Finnish job markets
  • pave the way for further internationalization within your organization
  • reflect on your own career and know-how


Any questions?

If you have any questions related to the mentoring programme, do not hesitate to contact us!


Yuritzi Becerra Zamora, coordinator

yuritzi.becerrazamora [at]


Mariska Roelofs-Poelman, facilitator

mariska.roelofs [at]


If you would like to join one of the Talent Tampere mentoring programmes as a mentor, please look for info here.



Published: 3.7.2019
Updated: 7.9.2023