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Career counselling

Career planning is a long-term and goal-oriented activity that carries you towards your career aspirations and objectives. Steps along the career path during studies can be, for example, finding suitable internships, looking for a summer job or finding a job after graduation.

When planning your own career path, it is important to consider your own goals and aspirations for your future career and to develop your own job search and working life skills.

Tips to support career planning

Career planning is a continuous thought process throughout your study and working life that you constantly practice. Your dreams and goals can change along the career path and at times, it’s important to think about what direction you’re going and what things are important to you.

You can get some tips with the topics related to career planning, for example, at, where you will find various career stories and tasks to support career planning.

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 30.3.2023