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TAMK Student's Handbook

Graduates in working life

Tampere University of Applied Sciences follows up the employment of its graduates (TAMK alumni) by collecting information through Annual Career Monitoring Survey. The survey gathers information on the graduates' satisfaction on their completed degrees, the expertise provided by the academic education obtained as well as current skill requirements needed in working life.  

The National Career Monitoring Survey is targeted at the University of Applied Sciences' Bachelor and Master degree graduates and is carried out five years after graduation. 



Results of the latest national career monitoring surveys can be found on the website of Vipunen, which is Finland's education administration's official reporting portal. In addition, TAMK personnel can access TAMK's yearly survey results in Valvomo (in Finnish only).

Töissä.fi website visualizes the career monitoring survey results of both the Universities and the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. The site also incorporates career stories written by professionals from different fields, who tell about their work and give tips on what kind of skills are needed or how to find a job. 


For further information on the career monitoring surveys, please contact: uraseuranta.tamk [at]

Published: 21.2.2019
Updated: 19.9.2022