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TAMK Student's Handbook

Online and Cross-Institutional Studies

Online Studies at TAMK

Online studies are an essential part of your studies at TAMK. They enable flexible studying in different places and with different devices. Online study tools are easily accessible through internet. They provide versatile cooperation and interaction tools for courses.

The online course objectives and contents are the same as in contact teaching. The teacher selects the most applicable online tools for each course. At TAMK online studies are usually implemented in Moodle.

Online studies are flexible, but usually scheduled, so they require self-discipline and activity on your part. The studies may include for example regular video lectures, online assignments, familiarization with given material, participation in web-based discussions, and examinations. Online studies can include individual, pair or group work.

More information: TAMK's online studies

Cross-Institutional Studies (instructions for TAMK degree students)

TAMK offers several channels for studying between higher education institutions. You can study through CampusOnline or through the Tampere Higher Education cross-study portal. Your degree program may also be engaged in a field-specific network offering a catalogue of courses. 

TAMK student, please always confirm in advance with your study advisor, or the person responsible for your degree programme at TAMK, that a course offered by another university is suitable for your study plan. Otherwise, you may end up studying a course that cannot be included in your degree.

Additionally, in the fall of 2023 TAMK will introduce a new cross-study function, through which TAMK students can enroll for courses at other universities of applied sciences directly from Pakki. (The new cross-study function is not yet available on the Pakki desktop at TAMK.)

CampusOnline is a portal that offers you a selection of online courses from all 24 Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Credit transfer of CampusOnline study attainments: 

  • Verify your studies through the My Studyinfo > My completed studies (Oma opintopolku) service, retrieve the link of your completed CampusOnline course from the service, and make a credit transfer application in your Pakki system.

Tampere Higher Education Cross-Institutional Studies

In this course catalogue you will find courses offered by Tampere University and the the Police University College. On this site both online, blended and contact study courses are available. From the student's point of view, the study attainments will be transferred automatically to Pakki.

Tampere Higher Education Cross-Institutional Studies

Other Cross-Institutional Studies

If you have completed courses in other ways outside of TAMK, you can apply for credit transfer by using the Credit Transter Application function in Pakki. You can also apply for credit transfer of courses completed at international universities.

Credit transfer for studies completed elsewhere

Cross-institutional Studies through Pakki

A cross-study enrollment function inside the Pakki study administration system will be introduced at TAMK soon. Through this function, TAMK students will be able to apply for several CampusOnline courses offered by other universities of applied sciences directly from TAMK's Pakki.

Pakki's cross-study function is more convenient than enrolling through the external portal. In case TAMK students have enrolled through Pakki, after completing the course the credits from the organizing university will automatically be transferred into Pakki - without any additional credit transfer procedure.

Note that this function is not yet available in TAMK.

Published: 22.3.2019
Updated: 30.11.2023