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Learning Projects

Learning Projects

A learning project is a working life oriented learning method where student or student team attains the course objectives by solving working life problems or developing existing working life practices. The project can be a part of a course or it can form a course by itself, or may be part of your practical training. Working life oriented projects are available, in addition to existing project work courses,  also in Hubs.

The assignments can come for example, from TAMK's Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) projects, degree programme cooperation partners, or through the student's own working life contacts. The learning project and the objectives are always agreed with the teacher of the course or subject. A learning project agreement is made with the customer in the same way as with theses.

You always report the project to the customer as agreed on, and a statement is requested on the completed work.

Additional information

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)-projects (TAMK's websites)



Project contract/permit form

Commissioner's Feedback on Thesis or Learning Project


Published: 22.3.2019
Updated: 29.3.2024