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TAMK Student's Handbook

Studies Related to RDI Projects

Studies Related to RDI Projects

TAMK's applied research and development benefits both companies, the public sector and communities. Joint R&D&I projects between TAMK and companies give the opportunity to apply TAMK's diverse know-how to practice and start cooperation between students and companies already during the students' study time.

TAMK's R&D&I focuses on TAMK's strategic themes, which are energy-efficient and healthy buildings, entrepreneurship and new business, intelligent machines and devices, new models for social and health care, and pedagogic RDI. In these fields TAMK aims at the national top and international success as the present-day business life requires internationally competitive competence.

The key objective is to create and strengthen development partnerships with key customers. The partnership model offers the possibility for extensive cooperation with customers from provision of trainees to research and development projects and production of user-centred innovations.

TAMK cooperates actively with the R&D&I field. In joint projects TAMK's strength is transfer of research results for the use of companies as well as practical applications aiming at competence-based development of the region's small and medium-sized enterprises. TAMK also works as a link between the higher education research and vocational institutions.

Students and learning have an essential role in cooperation. Cooperation increases contacts, which increases students' learning, familiarisation with practical work, and employment. Practical projects, assignments and theses support development of competence and understanding of practical situations. During cooperation projects enterprise representatives are familiarised with TAMK's multidisciplinary competence and diverse fields of study.

For further information on completion of studies in R&D&I projects, please contact Perttu Heino, perttu.heino(at)

Innovation Services

TAMK's Innovation Services encourage TAMK students and staff to innovate and develop new business activity. They offer free expert help for private persons, new companies, and those planning entrepreneurship. Innovation Services evaluate if ideas and inventions offer profitable business possibilities as well as provide recommendations as regards commercialisation possibilities and further development of new ideas and innovations. Innovation Services were earlier known as Product Track and TULI.

Further information: Innovation Specialist Markku Oikarainen, markku.oikarainen(at)

Published: 22.3.2019
Updated: 10.6.2022