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Recruit an international talent

On this page you will find information on the potential which our international students can bring to your company. You will also learn how you can interact with our international students and get instructions on how to offer an internship or a thesis project to our international students.

Cooperate with the university and find a talent for your next project

Student collaboration gives your company or organisation an excellent opportunity to explore working with an international talent.

Through student collaboration you can get additional resources to solve current challenges in your organisation. You will also have the possibility to enhance the students’ working life skills and promote their learning.

Tampere University trains international talents in nearly all of its fields of education ranging from engineering to social sciences and from health sciences to security management and IT. Information on the degree programmes offered in English at Tampere University and the competences they offer is available in the programme descriptions on our website.

What can an international student offer to your company?

More than 1000 international students study for a degree in our programmes offered in English. In addition to quality education, one of the most important reasons for students to come to Finland is the possibility to work and create a career in Finland after studies. Most students who are getting ready to graduate plan to stay in Finland to work in an expert position in their field.

Diversity enhances creativity and problem solving and creates new innovations. As part of your company community, international talents help develop the language and intercultural competence of your organisation.

Read more about the benefits of diversity 

How to recruit an international talent

JobTeaser service

Tampere University uses the JobTeaser service through which an employer can leave job, thesis and internship ads for students and recent graduates. Learn more about the JobTeaser service.

We cooperate with other Finnish JobTeaser universities. On the website of the Aarresaari network, you can familiarise yourself with the Universities' terms and conditions for publication.

Guilds and subject associations also forward recruitment ads to their student members, each in accordance with their own practices. You can inquire about cooperation opportunities directly from the suitable guild or subject organisation.

Tampere University’s internship support

At Tampere University it may be possible for a Finnish company to receive financial support from the university to reimburse the time spent on supervision in the form of an internship voucher (EUR 1,800 / internship). Internship support is granted on a per-student basis but is not paid to the student directly. Instead, the employer bills the amount from the university after the internship.

From the employer, internship support requires that the internship meets the criteria set by the degree programme and the university, for example in terms of the content and remuneration of the internship. The internship voucher is never issued for an unpaid traineeship. The employer must pay the trainee at least the salary entitling him or her to the employment condition determined annually by Kela.

Read more (in Finnish) about the internship support provided by Tampere University

Support foundations

Employers can get a thesis worker not only by hiring a student directly but also by donating to one of the support foundations.

Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology

The Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology gives out grants for students in the field of technology working on their master's theses or doctoral dissertations. Get more information about the Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology on their website or by email: tekniikantukisaatio [at]

The University of Tampere Foundation

Through the foundation, donations received from companies and organisations can be channeled to support the master’s theses of undergraduate students. Get more information about The University of Tampere Foundation on their website, or by email: tukisaatio.tau [at]

Services for employers: get help with recruiting an international talent

Are you thinking about recruiting an international talent? We will help you find the right person. Find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Through national and regional services, you can get help with, among other things, hiring practices and employee settlement. With the help of these services, you can get sparring support to develop the diversity of the working community and concrete advice on, for example, the language practices of the working community.

More information on the services is available below.

Work in Finland

Designed for businesses operating in Finland, Work in Finland is a service package that helps companies recruit international professionals and develop multicultural organisations. Work in Finland is part of the national Business Finland organisation.

Work in Finland offers a wide collection of services and information related to hiring international talents, such as the international recruitment guide which gives employers an in-depth look at the recruitment process when hiring an international talent from Finland or abroad.

The Work in Finland International Recruitment Advice Service for companies can be used free of charge by telephone or e-mail. Companies can get advice on issues like recruiting international talent, hiring and permit processes and how to relocate employees to Finland. Through Work in Finland, companies can also get help and support with developing diversity at the workplace or in offering language support to foreign employees.

Work in Finland website for employers

International House Tampere

International House Tampere offers Pirkanmaa-based employers a free international recruitment advisory service. Their team of experts offers guidance on international recruitment, assists with official procedures, and provides support for employees settling in. Their services can help you reach new recruitment channels and expand your business both nationally and internationally. They are also available to advise on bureaucratic processes and how to apply for recruitment subsidies.

For Employers - International House Tampere

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Company cooperation and partnerships

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