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Strategic partnerships - support the achievement of mutual goals

Tampere University
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Tampere University follows established procedures for managing university-level strategic partnerships. These procedures are applied to partnerships with companies and public organisations.  

A strategic partnership is a long-term collaborative relationship between two or more organisations and provides a framework for their complementary activities and investments that benefit all the partners. The investments that the University makes towards strategic partnerships are often based on specific expertise and are indirectly linked to the University’s research, co-creation and teaching platforms. 

A partnership is described as strategic, if it:

  • supports the strategic agenda of the partners
  • is linked to the core activities of the partners
  • has a key role in promoting the renewal and competitiveness of business activities
  • is extensive in terms of volume
  • pools together the expertise of more than one faculty of Tampere University.


Who's it for

For all companies and organizations interested in the potential partnership and it's instruments, for example:

  • commissioned research
  • new talent produced by doctoral programmes
  • Doctoral School
  • research consortia
  • educational opportunities that meet the needs of companies
  • student projects
  • goal-oriented start-up activities
  • donor relations
  • alumni relations
  • co-creation platforms
  • cooperation in education and training
  • infrastructure cooperation


How does it all happen

The costs and potential risks, advantages and disadvantages of strategic long-term collaboration will be confidentially and openly discussed between the partners in advance. The strategic partnerships are professionally managed through a goal-oriented roadmap approach.


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