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Ilmakuva Tampereesta ja Tampereen yliopiston keskustakampuksesta.

Tampere University career monitoring

Tampere University carries out annual career monitoring surveys for its graduates. All master’s level graduates are invited to take part in the survey five years after their graduation. For doctoral degree holders the survey is conducted three years after graduation. Career monitoring surveys are carried out in co-operation of all Finnish universities.

Career monitoring

Career monitoring aims to collect data on academic careers during the first few years after graduation. Respondents are asked to evaluate their satisfaction on their degrees and careers. They are also asked to reflect on different aspects that have helped finding employment.

Second part of the survey concentrates on the skills and knowledge needed in the working life. Respondents are asked to evaluate, how the skills were developed during their studies. Graduates may also give advice to current students on skills that might be useful for them in the future.

Results of the surveys provide important information to support teaching and counselling in the university. Systematic and comprehensive information about working life is also utilized in the development of academic education. The knowledge on the various possibilities in the working life is meaningful to current students. As important it is for university applicants when making decisions on their studies and careers.

Since 2021, the results of the master’s career monitoring survey have been tied to the universities’ funding model. In other words, the responses also have a direct impact on the funding of one’s own university. Every response counts.

The next career monitoring starts in October!

The 2023 career monitoring starts on 2nd of October. The Tampere University career monitoring surveys are sent to graduates from the two preceding universities, Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere. The master’s level survey is sent to graduates of 2018 and the survey for doctoral degree holders to graduates of 2020.  Graduates will receive a text message, letter and/or an e-mail from Tampere University. 

Results of previous years

Results for the national surveys are reported in the Vipunen reporting portal of the Ministry of education and culture. You will find PowerBI-reports on the national results of master’s level graduates and doctoral degree holders. You will find more information on different reports in the Students' Guide.

The survey data is also utilized in web portal, which visualize the results and provide career stories written by alumni from different universities. On the website you can also read career stories of the alumni from different universities.