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TAMK Global Education - Our Success Stories

At TAMK Global Education, we take pride in meeting - and even exceeding - the expectations of our students and partners. Take a look at what we have done so far, and what people have said about our courses and services!

Our story

Finnish education is widely known all over the world. The Global Education department at TAMK is our answer to the high demand to learn about the success factors and reasons behind this phenomenon. We have been delivering cost-covering education related services to our global partners since 2010, always serving the local needs of our customers. Working in an international environment and being able to serve and deliver Finnish education services in several contexts and languages keeps us busy.

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Our first cooperation cases were student camps for engineering students from the Sultanate of Oman during the beautiful Finnish summer months. Since then, our Global Education team has grown from a tiny two-person department to a six-person team in just a few years. We have been delivering education programmes from various fields to countries like Brazil, Egypt and China. Nowadays we have three full time degree programmes running in two different countries.

Our focus is on activating teaching methods, student-centered learning and innovative learning environments and tools. We aim to create a new educational culture with alternative models for evaluation and pedagogical leadership. The local success stories we have helped to create are the reason why we work in education. All of us love what we do, as we believe that education is the key to a better world for all.

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