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About me

My research focuses on sustainable consumption and the implementation of the circular economy. In my doctoral thesis I study consumer collectives where new practices and skills for circular consumption are shared and learned. So far I have conducted research in different projects related to topics such as circular startups and social media influencers in sustainable fashion and social media marketing of unhealthy food to children.


I have the pleasure of working as a member of the Customer Oriented Marketing research group and Wastebusters research group at Tampere University. Our latest project is called Waste Matters: Change agents' engagement in circular economy transformation, where we look at circular startups and social media influencers in sustainable fashion. In addition, I have worked in the EPELI project, where we identified national guidelines for the regulation of marketing unhealthy food to children.

Besides research, I assist teaching on bachelor level courses in the marketing study programme. I took part in launching the Digital commerce study module (Digitaalisen kaupan opintokokonaisuus), which is organised together with the Finnish Commerce Federation and five Finnish universities. 

In addition, I have worked as a conference coordinator for the Nordic Retail and Wholesale Conference (NRWC) 2022 organised at Tampere University.

Fields of expertise

Circular economy, waste reduction, anti-consumption, sustainable consumption, netnography, interpretative consumer research, qualitative methods

Research unit

Customer oriented marketing research group

Selected publications

Luukkonen, R., Närvänen E. & Becker L. (2024), Consumer collectives in the circular economy: A systematic review and research agenda, Sustainable Production and Consumption, ahead-of-print. 

Sutinen, U.-M., Luukkonen, R. and Närvänen, E. (2023), “Tag a person who loves candy” – sociocultural approach to unhealthy food marketing to adolescents in social media, Young Consumers, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. 

Mesiranta, N., Närvänen, E., Luukkonen, R. & Kaivonen, I. (2021). Social Media Influencers Educating Consumers on Sustainable Fashion. NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 49, eds. Bradford T.W., Keinan A., and Thomson, M. Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, 87–90. 

Latest publications