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Wellbeing and Later Life in a Digital Age (AgeWell)

Tampere University
Area of focusHealth, Society

Wellbeing and Later Life in a Digital Age – AgeWell research project studies the perceptions and experiences of ageing, wellbeing and the digitalization and use of technology in later life in the UK and Finland.


Digitalisation is a global trend and different technological devices are a part of everyday life of people of all ages. Public services are more and more available online both in Finland and in the UK. Yet, not all older people have the skills to use digital services or can afford to have internet connection with required technical devices. On the other hand, technology and digital services offer new ways to run errands, search for information, find new hobbies and maintain social contacts. Increasing cultural and social diversification concerns older people too. Digitalisation and increased used of smart technology is likely to mean different things for older people with different lifestyles and in different life situations.


The aim of the project is to: (1) map the existing knowledge on the links between wellbeing, ageing and digitalization, and 2) develop a research agenda for a larger and longer-duration funded project on wellbeing, ageing and the digital amongst people in later life living in the UK and Finland.

Project group members 

Dr. Outi Jolanki, Dr. Jutta Pulkki, Dr. Kristina Tiainen, research assistant Kasperi Holmberg


Dr Wendy Martin, Dr Cherry Kilbride, Dr Michael Thomas, George Collett, Professor Holly Becker-Nelson, Brunel University, UK


The research project strengthens the collaboration between Tampere University and Brunel University. The research studies the effect of digitalisation on perceived wellbeing of older people, and gives material to discuss how digital services and technology can be developed to better meet the needs of different groups of older people.

Funding source

Research England, CoE AgeCare

Contact persons

outi.jolanki [at] (Dr. Outi Jolanki)