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VARPU - Virtual and Augmented Reality Production and Use 2017-2018

Tampere University

VARPU project works on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the context of industrial applications. We target industry areas important to Finnish economy, including mechanical engineering, process industry, building, facility management, urban planning and living, and security.  

Our industrial partners and research partners jointly seek to alleviate two key bottlenecks of VR/AR adoption: (1) content production and (2) interaction. In our joint work, we will: Create automatic capture methods to more efficiently produce VR/AR content, improve real-time tracking, 3D modeling and 360-degree video capture.


The project studies and extends VR/AR state-of-the-art technologies with new sensors, actuators and displays. Its focus is to create interaction models and methods that improve efficiency, naturalness and user experience for VR/AR interfaces.  

As consumer prices decrease, VR/AR technology is gaining popularity at a high rate around the world. Finnish industries are developing similar applications at a slower rate. They can merit from the development made in game entertainment industry.  

The VARPU consortium includes top research units, large companies and innovative growing SMEs from Finland. We carry out close co-creation between the research partners and the companies, applying the research results in relevant use cases drawn from the industry.  

VARPU is one of the largest VR/AR projects ever, with 18 partners and a total budget approaching 10 MEUR.

Funding source

Business Finland, Ruukki Construction Oy, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Nokia Technologies Oy, Granlund Oy, Rejlers Finland Oy, Kii Oy, Stereoscape Oy, 3D Talo Finland Oy, Finwe Oy, FinCloud Oy, Sky High VR Oy and Whitepoint

Contact persons

Roope Raisamo

Professor / Director of the VARPU consortium

roope.raisamo [at]

+358 50 570 2007


Pertti Huuskonen

Dr. of Science (Technology)

pertti.huuskonen [at]

+358 40 517 0198


Miko Olkkonen

Fortum Head of Nuclear Sales

miko.olkkonen [at]

+358 40 518 7535