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Transport Research Centre Verne

Transport Research Centre Verne promotes developing a sustainable transport system and logistics through research, education activities and societal impact.

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Research focus and goals

Our research aims to increase scientific knowledge and its exploitation. We support Finland being in the forefront of developing transport and logistics that meet the requirements of today and future sustainably.

The research activities at Verne promote transport and logistics systems, which serve both the needs of people and businesses, enhance the competitiveness of companies and Finland as a country, and stresses the environment as little as possible.

The educational activities at Verne aim to secure that graduates in the fields of transport and logistics are knowledgeable and developing-oriented, and capable of integrating new information and research with real life problems.


We contribute to developing the transport system with the means of science and we act as a bridge between the scientific community and society. We produce novel and analytical knowledge to decision makers in the field of transport and to companies in trade and industry.

Verne is networking with actors nationally and internationally raising important research areas for the society.