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Markus Pöllänen

Lecturer, Transport Research Centre Verne

About me

I work as a lecturer in the fields of transport, logistics and futures studies at Tampere University, Faculty of Built Environment, Transport Reseach Centre Verne. Within these areas, I have a broad field of interests, including e.g. transport safety, freight transport systems, futures of transport and transport transformation.

Fields of expertise

transport systems

futures studies

Main positions of trust

In addition to positions of responsibility related to the university and the Faculty of Built Environment, I'm involved in Nordic Road Association in the committee of road safety, in the working group on transport system in Tampere city region as well as in transport safety forum in Tampere Region. I'm also in the board of Finland Futures Academy.

Research topics

Futures of transport and mobility; transport safety, freight transport system; futures studies

Research fields

Transport and mobility

Futures studies