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Sustainable Tourism Hub

Tampere Universities
Duration of project1.8.2018–31.12.2020

Main aim of the project is to form a sustainable tourism service hub at Tampere at the shore of lake Näsijärvi, in the area of Särkänniemi and Mustalahti. The aim is to develop the area as a coherent ecosystem of low carbon tourism services that utilizes the tourism business and related possibilities of the nearby nature and lakes in sustainable way. Services are related to the themes of renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy, low carbon shipping, sustainable mobility, low carbon food service solutions, and digital solutions that support these. As a result of the project, Särkänniemi area will become a sustainable tourism hub that focuses on low carbon tourism services.


The project is coordinated by Visit Tampere and project partners are The Baltic Institute of Finland, EcoFellows Ltd, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere University. During the project, low carbon solutions are designed together with companies and development organizations. Selected services and concepts are tested by users and piloted.


Tourism is a growing business, but identification of low carbon tourism services and dissemination of innovations that reduce the carbon footprint are big challenges. Common vision and tools for developing sustainable services are lacking. Sustainable tourism and low carbon solutions on every field are strong international trends that increasingly influence consumers' choices. This project provides tools and collaboration models, with which the area of Särkänniemi and Mustalahti will be developed into a sustainable tourism hub that will also serve as a pioneer in low carbon tourism services.

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