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Speech and Voice Research Laboratory

Tampere University

We study cultural variation in speech and singing applying acoustical, perceptual and voice physiological methods. The laboratory also holds an extensive recording archive recorded since 1968 in our own studio. The archive offers possibility to compare voice user groups and study voice and speech changes within the last decades.

Research focus and goals

The aim is to explore cultural and intercultural differences, which are important for successful communication, and to evaluate the acoustic efficiency and physiological economy of different voice use, which also relates to background factors and prevention of voice problems, voice training methods and their effects and bases.

We aim to find the most effective methods to improve voice use, vocal expression and endurance. Therewith we develop vocal communication skills and occupational well-being of voice professionals and help to prevent voice disorders. We explore communicational role and intercultural differences in voice and speech characteristics to improve speech communication and prevent misinterpretations between individuals and groups. We explore effects of defective language skills and hearing ability on perception of speech characteristics.

Results help to develop teaching methods and computerized aids for those who face challenges in speech communication.

Other members

A-M Laukkanen, T Waaramaa, Maarit Aura, Tua Hakanpää, Tero Ikävalko, Päivi Lukkarila, Tuuli Nilsson, Marcelo Saldias, Jaana Tyrmi; TaY Leena Rantala,Tiina Syrjä; TAYS Elina Kankare; HUS Ahmed Geneid;Aalto Paavo Alku; HY Samuli Siltanen; OY Miika Nieminen, Juha Ojala; JY Raija Hämäläinen; UEF Tomi Kinnunen; Tsekin T.akat. Jaromir Horacek; Tsek.Tekn. Tomas Vampola; Olomouc Jan Svec; Freiburg Matthias Echternach; Santiago Marco Guzman; Sao Paulo Suely Master; KI Anita McAllister; LIU Robert Eklund.

Contact persons

Anne-Maria Laukkanen

Professor / Leader of research

Anne-Maria.Laukkanen [at]

+358 50 363 5152