The aim of SomeJam hackathon is to use the means of digital technology to build up concrete ways enhancing the well-being of youth.  The aim is to bring together the know-how and creativity of various areas of work. Participants include youth workers, graphic designers, coders, service designers, social media experts etc.  SomeJam kicks off on Thursday and the multi-talent teams have 48 hours to create new concepts. The concepts can be for example web services for youths, mobile applications or other services utilising digital technology.


The SomeJam team mentors are top specialists of new technology. They have worked with or had influence in many Finnish social media companies and startups.  

Concept ideas created by the teams are pitched on Saturday for the jury of technology specialists who will announce the winner. SomeJam supports and helps youth to find funding for further development of the best concepts created during the event.

Contact persons

Sirkku Kotilainen


sirkku.kotilainen [at]

+358 40 190 9719