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REALMEE - Regulation of learning and active learning methods in the context of engineering education

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety

REALMEE studies the effect of various pedagogical interventions on learning in the context of higher engineering education in mathematics, physics, information management, and pervasive computing. Pedagogical interventions are conducted in the framework of socio-constructivist learning theory to investigate how regulation of learning and various active learning methods are related to engineering education students’ holistic development of competencies throughout their university studies.

Interventions are implemented through pedagogical scripting of various online, face-to-face and blended courses. Examples of such interventions include automatization of learning task assessment, gamification of certain parts of course content and increased collaborative activities. The research aims to produce scientifically robust evidence on factors related to different approaches to teaching and learning in the higher engineering education context.

Funding source

Tampere University of Technology