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Origins of job burnout

Tampere University
Duration of project1.8.2023–31.1.2025
Area of focusHealth, Society

The aim of the research project is to update the research on burnout to capture the root causes of it in today's working life and to study the different types of burnout, i.e., to analyse the different reasons why workers suffer from burnout today. The research project will provide necessary information on the causes and manifestations of job burnout in Finland today.


The research project will be conducted using a multi-method approach, i.e., using both interview data and survey data collected from employees experiencing job burnout.

The aim of the research project is to answer two research questions:

  1. How do people who suffer from job burnout perceive the antecedents that have contributed to the development of their burnout?
  2. What types of burnout can be identified based on the antecedents of burnout? Are there differences in the types of burnout identified between different occupational sectors and age groups?

Data and methods

The research project aims to collect two new datasets among people suffering from job burnout. Firstly, to gain a deeper understanding of the determinants of job burnout in the current working life, we will collect qualitative interview data. Second, we will collect quantitative survey data that will allow us to identify types of job burnout and explore differences between these types in background factors.

Results and effectiveness

The project addresses a wide-ranging need in our society for knowledge on job burnout. The main objective of the research project is to explore job burnout beyond its symptoms and to analyse the possible types of job burnout based on its root causes and symptom dynamics. The project will also provide information to support work-life development, i.e., what kind of interventions would be useful to target for different types of burnout.

Project group

Anne Mäkikangas, project leader
Monika Snellman, project researcher
Jaana-Piia Mäkiniemi
Saija Mauno
Riitta Sauni
Sami Pirkola
Stela Salminen
Marja Hätinen

Funding source

Work Research Centre

Work Research Centre (WRC) brings together working life researchers across disciplines. WRC is located within the Faculty of Social Sciences. The aim of WRC is to promoting research in various aspects of work and working life as well as to support graduate and post-graduate training.