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GerDigiGame - Digital learning about nursing care for the elderly

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Duration of project1.1.2022–31.10.2023

The main goal of the project is to increase the digital skills of professionals and future professionals working in the care of older people.


The caregiver sizing requirements for elderly services and the corona pandemic have highlighted the shortage of staff
in caring for the elderly. The sector needs more manpower, while at the same time its attractiveness and holding force
are weak. The introduction of digital devices and applications is one way to ease the workload of caregivers and
increase the traction and grip of the industry. More support and training is needed in utilizing digital and virtual reality in nursing care for the elderly. Competence in digital tools and systems is becoming more and more important in social
services and health care sector, and this importance has become particularly clear during the corona pandemic.

Funding source

Euroopan sosiaalirahasto (ESR) 2014-2020

Contact persons

Heimo Outinen
heimo.outinen [at]