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Functional RNAomics laboratory

The Functional RNAomics laboratory studies gene regulation via RNA processing. By determining how RNA regulation is orchestrated in different cell types, we aim to crack the cellular RNA code and gain critical insights into how aberrations in the RNA machinery result in genetic disorders and cancer.

RNA is emerging as a powerful and easily adaptable therapeutic molecule as exemplified by the rapid development of effective mRNA vaccines but a detailed knowledge of RNA regulation in cells is a prerequisite to realise the full potential of RNA-based therapeutic and diagnostic development. We integrate cell biology approaches with mechanistic studies, global mapping of RNA repertoires, RNA binding protein interactions and proteomics profiles to reveal the functional role of RNA-protein complexes in different cell lineages and in disease. One of our current research focuses is the role of dysregulated RNA processing in colorectal cancers currently incurable. The ultimate goal of the team is to improve human health through innovative applications of RNA biology.


Contact persons

Associate professor Minni Änkö
Group leader Functional RNAomics laboratory
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
Tampere University
Kauppi Campus, Arvo Building
Arvo Ylpön katu 34
33520 Tampere Finland

Secondary affiliation:
Hudson Institute of Medical Reseach
Melbourne, Australia