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Into the Flow: urban space, community and subculture in flow art

Tampere University

Into the flow (2021¬-2023) focuses on urban, subcultural flow art communities in Tampere and Stockholm. With the concept of flow art the project refers to, for example, free creative movement and dance, object manipulation, contact improvisation and fire art. Participants of the research are mainly young adults. 

The project explores urban flow art as subcultural, artistic and embodied form of occupying, transforming and challenging different urban spaces. These creative acts can include, for example, hanging out and practicing together, performances, parties, demonstrations and other public events.

In terms of theory, the project draws from cultural youth studies, urban studies and feminist ethnography. 


The goal of the project is to analyze and foreground creative urban culture as well as young adults’ subcultural activities which are seldom seen or heard in public discussion. 

Throughout the project, an important goal is to establish close collaboration with flow artists and develop new, creative possibilities to create research material and disseminate research results together.


The project will deepen the understanding of creative urban cultures and grassroots political activities which are seldom seen or heard in public debate. Further, the project foregrounds new perspectives into young adults’ different life trajectories.

Funding source

Koneen Foundation