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The Finnish home and sustainable welfare interconnections

Tampere University
Area of focusHealth, Society, Technology

Funded by Sustainable Welfare Systems PRFI 5 seed-funding, the context of our study is the Finnish home. We seek to provide understanding of residents’ everyday life and the diverse practices, needs and meanings that are connected to the concept of home and to create interdisciplinary knowledge of the connections and implications between sustainable welfare and our living environments.


Understanding the complex interconnections between the home, the design of living environments (for a diversity of people and needs), and citizen’s health and well-being, with implications for welfare systems, is fundamental to avoid ’locking in’ unsustainable welfare policies or housing infrastructures for decades to come.


Only by understanding the links between physical, lived, and experienced environments and wellbeing can we create sustainable welfare policies and sustainable housing designs that prioritise residents’ health and well-being. This seed-funding will enable us to start mapping these connections and make a real impact in these different disciplinary areas.

Funding source

Hanke on saanut rahoitusta Sustainable Welfare Systems -ohjelman kautta.