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FHAIVE (Finnish hub for development and validation of integrated approaches) is a research group devoted to the development and validation of integrated approaches (IATA) for toxicological risk assessment. FHAIVE’s mission is to develop IATA by integrating advanced in vitro models with toxicogenomics and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled advanced data modelling. FHAIVE contributes to the next generation risk assessment with its multidisciplinary expertise including in vitro test systems at multiple degrees of complexity, omics-technologies, and in silico data modelling based on advanced AI algorithms. FHAIVE is an official GLP laboratory certified by FIMEA and EU NETVAL reference laboratory in inter-laboratory test method validations for Finland. FHAIVE coordinates the activities of the Finnish 3Rs Centre, which is dedicated to promoting the principles of replacing, reducing, and refining animal testing through research, validation, training, and information dissemination.

FHAIVE people in summer 2023

Contact person

Dario Greco
PhD, Professor
Email: dario.greco [at] (dario[dot]greco[at]tuni[dot]fi)
Phone: +358 50 318 2106