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Eye and Vision Research

The research of the Eye and Vision research group is focused on the chronic diseases affecting the eye and vision. Our aim is to develop personalized diagnostic and therapeutic methods for these diseases in a broad and multidisciplinary manner by applying translational, clinical, epidemiological, and personalized medicine approaches in our research.

Contact persons

Principal investigator:
Professor Hannu Uusitalo
Email: hannu.uusitalo(at)
Tel: +358 40 190 1214

Postal address:
Tampere University
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology / Eye and Vision Research
(Recipient's name)
33014 Tampere University

Visiting address:
Tampere University
ARVO Building, 3rd floor
Arvo Ylpön katu 34
33520 Tampere

Tel, switchboard : +358 (0) 294 5211