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Energy and Biorefining

The energy and biorefining research group focuses on studying various energy conversion processes and energy products. These include among others refined fuels, energy storages, and heating and power plants. Moreover, our research covers applications and modelling of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and combustion.

Research focus and goals

The goal of our research group is to provide high level scientific publications and work in close co-operation with industry partners. The projects aim for international research co-operation with academic institutions and industrial companies. In addition to large consortium projects we conduct also lot of smaller commissioned studies for example in the form of master of science theses. Our tasks in these projects include both experimental work and modeling. Project planning, coordination, reporting, and writing scientific articles are also among our tasks in almost every projects. Our core competence is industrial process and device numerical modeling and technoeconomic analysis. Moreover, our research group has a lot of experience in dimensioning and design of energy and bioconversion processes and experimental work related to them.